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Say hello to Slickplan, the only collaborative website planning suite that takes your projects from concept to completion.

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Slickplan: Collaborative Website Planning Tools

Over 200,000 companies worldwide rely on our website mapping tool

Automate website planning tasks & collaborate in one shared workspace

Simplify the website planning process and improve user experience with Slickplan's intuitive website design planner tools, including a powerful sitemap creator to hone your site's navigation.

Sitemap Builder Sitemap Builder

Build a sitemap
in just a few minutes

Create a sitemap using an easy drag and drop tool or use our website crawler to import an existing site.

Learn more about Sitemap Builder

Stephen Taylor-Brown

As a business that delivers integrated marketing models to clients, Slickplan helps us understand sitemap structure & how to plan the customer journey.

Stephen Taylor-Brown, Head of Strategy at Abacus

Diagram Maker Diagram Maker

Create diagrams like user flows, journey maps & more

Build intuitive user journeys, optimize processes & fix pain points en route to improving your site’s UX.

Learn more about Diagram Maker

Ibrahim Taguri

The answer to all my prayers. Probably the best and most helpful software since Evernote.

Ibrahim Taguri, CEO at Rebel Cause

Content Planner Content Planner

Plan & create website
content with teams

Develop, gather and organize your site’s content in a centralized workspace. Craft custom pages or use templates to speed things up.

Learn more about Content Planner

Neil Kulas

I used to juggle several apps to get information across to content owners and technical staff. Now I don’t have to as it’s all in one place...just brilliant!

Neil Kulas, Web Designer at Tobii Dynavox Cause

Design Mockups Design Mockups

Share your UX/UI designs
and get feedback quickly

Upload unlimited wireframes & mockups. Get notes from your team and stakeholders.

Learn more about Design Mockups

Kevin Veitia

When I have to share mockups, I go to Slickplan. They make it easy to upload wireframes or other graphical elements and seamlessly share them with clients.

Kevin Veitia, Founder at OuiGrowth

Free demo – See how Slickplan works

Let us show you how easy planning websites can be!


  • UX/UI designers
  • Content strategists
  • Marketing teams
  • Freelancers
  • Project managers
  • Sales managers
  • Website developers
  • Agencies
UX/UI designers

UX/UI designers

Visualize solutions with your team while planning site UX/UI. Create:

Streamline the design process. Present:

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Content strategists

Content strategists

Develop richer content for your target audience. With one tool:

Work with writers and editors to simplify content creation:

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Marketing teams

Marketing teams

Work together to build websites that convert. Optimize:

Tools to turbocharge your marketing strategies:

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Work smarter and wow clients with the scope of work you can deliver:

Elevate your level of professionalism:

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Project managers

Project managers

Make sure the job gets done right. Manage:

Oversee your team & keep stakeholders up to speed.

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Sales managers

Sales managers

Create compelling client proposals:

Include all important players in the sales process and nail the pitch:

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Website developers

Website developers

Enhance a website's usability by getting a bird's eye view. See:

When the destination is clear, you can code with confidence.

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Strategize and direct website planning for all of your clients:

Keep clients happy and projects moving along with:

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A CMS & app integrated website planner

Integrations galore so you can keep using the tools you love. Connect Slickplan's website planner to your favorite project management apps and content management systems for a streamlined collaborative workflow that lets you and your team work exactly how you want.


Integrates with your favorite CMS

Save time by transferring website structures, HTML and actual content directly to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete 5 and Expression Engine.

  • Pages & page structures
  • Website page content
  • Navigation & menus
  • SEO elements

Learn more about CMS

3rd party apps

Easily connects to popular 3rd party apps

Seamlessly connect Slickplan to web applications you already use. Get all your notifications, project statuses, updates and more.

  • Basecamp
  • Slack
  • Teamwork PM
  • Google Analytics

Learn more about integrations


Connect your own app with our developer API

Don’t see the integration you need? Don’t worry, our API lets you build your own custom integrations to support team workflows.

  • Secure SSL requests with JSON
  • Query sitemap data points
  • Sync page content and comments
  • Retrieve company account information

Learn more about API

Slickplan fits into any tech stack

Simplify your website planning process with tools to help you at each stage.

1 Planning


2 Design


3 Prototyping


4 Development




6 Content

Try all our planning tools, for free!
A Customer's Perspective

Try all our planning tools, for free!

14-day free trial
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Compare Slickplan against the rest

Our team-centric suite of tools is designed to take you from start to finish, from idea to full blown site. Check out how we stack up against the competition to get it done.

  • FlowMapp
  • DYNO Mapper
  • Octopus
  • rarchy
  • Site crawler & XML import
  • Diagramming
  • Content planning
  • WordPress & CMS plugins
  • Google Analytics integrated
  • UX/UI design sharing
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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14-day free trial
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Why our customers love Slickplan

Slickplan’s site structure software improves cross-team communication to help pros or new-comers, large and small businesses alike create great user experiences. See what customers love about our tools, team and community.

See what customers love


Global customer support

Get around-the-clock help with live chat, customer support specialists and an in-depth knowledge base.


Customer satisfaction

Rated a high performer on G2Crowd with one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among software vendors.

Jean-Eric Hoang

#sitemaps saved my life.

Jean-Eric Hoang



OMG am loving the online #site map creator, #slickplan. If you have a deep level site (and love your #Mac ) you will thank me later.



Start planning website projects for free now

Justin Foley

Slickplan takes all the pain out of content planning and client communication. Slickplan has become a critical tool for our workflow

Justin Foley, Partner at Mod Web

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